Our Very 1st International Meeting!

The time is here! Our very 1st international meeting. This is an extremely big day for us because if we get good results for this client that means that are company may go on a global scale which is huge for us.

Alright, so we were on our way to the meeting and usually during this time we just relax and wait until we arrive but this time we went over notes again and just made sure that everything was perfect.

Finally Arrived

We finally arrived to the meeting and came to this beautiful restaurant. Very high class. We walked in an introduced ourselves to Gary (the business owner). He was a very humble and friendly guy.

He told us about his business and how he had been seeing a bit of a decrease in business and he strongly thinks its because of his lack of online prescence. He has a website, http://www.elthamcommon.com.au and he wants more visitors and more bookings.

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Traveling Overseas

So today is the exciting day. We are ready to travel overseas to meet our 1st international client. We have to leave the bus once again and catch a flight. Luckily this time every one got a good nights rest and was able to get up early so we can all catch our flight on time.

During The Flight

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Welcome Back!

Hey there, its been a few days seen I wrote on the blog but thats because we have been extremely busy, getting work done for our last few clients that we just picked up. All of the projects are coming along very nicely and as of right now we are on track with everything. While we are waiting for the next client we always continue to work on our craft. Perfecting and improving it.

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Colorado Is Awesome

After our team wakes up from an awesome nights rest, we gather our clothes and get ready to head out so we can catch our flight. We (barley) caught our flight and it took a good amount of time to get to colorado.

Once we landed in Colorado I was excited. All the people were super polite and the scenery in Colorado is beautiful. Lots of mountains. I felt like I could stay here for awhile and just sit and catch up on some much needed work, but I had to get ready for my client.

Altitude Technology Group

So after catching our sedan to our new clients, we went in the building and took the elevator to up where they were. Meeting this group of people was almost like a family reunion. These guys are just as much into computers as we are and so because of that we were able to better relate to them.

The only difference is that they know how to fix computers really well but we know how to use computers really well for other reasons. They explained to us that they needed help with ranking and their competition is high and they have been ripped off so many times that they could not find anyone to rank their site for them.

They basically said that we were their last hope. They explained to me that they were the biggest computers it technology support service in louisville co, and that is huge because once they reach the top of the ranks they will be getting a ton of customers to their business who will be greatly satisfied with their service.

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On Our Way To Colorado

So, I mentioned in the last blog about a new client calling and about us having to head to Colorado to meet with him. Since our tour bus is still in Ohio and we are currently in Utah it would be insane to go back to Ohio and then travel across the U.S. to Colorado. We would be better of catching a flight.

So we went ahead and booked the flight on south west airlines to get ready to head to Colorado. I was excited because I had never been there before and I heard it was really nice. The rest of the team was just excited to get a little break because this was our 1st day off in almost 2 weeks so this was an awesome break for us.

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A Different Kind of Post

Hey, so today I wanted to talk about the steps we took to help or last client. As you know from the last couple of posts we had to head out to Ohio to get to our new client and help him with his moving business. This project was one of our easier ones because the client we had right before had the same type of business and we had already laid out a business plan for him so for the next client it was almost the exact same thing except different keywords and a different location. So i can tell by our pace that we will finish these projects easily, no problem.

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Our 2nd Recorded Client

After a long night of rest that was well-deserved we are about to catch a sedan to our new clients business and see what we can do for him. So we head over there with our notes and computers and are ready to present an awesome business plan to him.

Our next clients name is Scott and he owns Mighty Butler Moving in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has ran his business excellent so far. He has made a decent income for himself and has managed to become very successful over a number of years.

The reason he decided to hire Alden Blair Events is because he is looking for an even bigger increase in his business. He knows he has a very strong offline prescence but his online prescence is not as strong as it could be.

He has website and a Google+ Page but he needs citations done and a number of other things that he has no idea how to do. Thats where we come in. Scott is looking to build his business bigger and hoping to be able to generate more profits in 2015 than he has in any other year.

He is trying to service people that are looking for salt lake city utah movers nearby and thats why he has decided to hire us.

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Today is the day that we meet with our 2nd recorded client and we are super excited about it. We have already talked to Nick and he is feeling good and confident in what we have planned out for him so that puts us at ease a little and gives us the confidence we need to move forward.

And We’re Off

So we are off to our next project in Utah. Since Utah is a 27 hour ride away from Ohio we have decided to go ahead and catch a flight for this one, so we looked on Southwest Airlines to see when the next flight was and luckily it was the same day , so we rushed in our tour bus to the Airport and went ahead and caught the next flight to Ohio.

So we were able to get a 1st class spot on the plane. While on the plane ride we talked about what we would be talking about with our next client. The awesome part is while talking to our client on the phone we had found out that he has a very similar business as Nick, as a matter of fact almost the same business! So its basically just a repeat of what we just did so that makes our job a whole lot easier.

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It’s About To Go Downnnnnn

Hey, so in the last blog we talked about our 1st recorded client Nick and how we were going to help him change his business around. Since then we have made pretty good progress. We have went through and checked his backlinks and have started the process of removing bad backlinks and creating new higher quality ones. We have also started making the car sticker and the banners for the offline side of his business. His Google+ page is being optimized and in the process of being ranked.

When we get clients we don’t waste time getting the process started because we know our clients want to see results quickly and yes, ranking in google does take time but with what we know we speed up that process while staying under googles policies and guidelines.

2 of our team members are certified google partners so they know what they are doing. We have also started an adwords  campaign for him to give some leads right away while we work on the back end of getting him some free leads long-term.

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Introducing Our 1st Recorded Client

Hey, so we have finally made it to Ohio and have met up with our new client. He is a pretty cool dude. His name is Nick and he owns a moving and storage business called Road Runner Moving. What he expressed to us is that he needs big help with upgrading his website and rankings as well. Of course our team is full of experts who can do that for him. He also needs some help with offline marketing, which is something we specialize with as well.

The Game Plan

So now that we know exactly what Nick needs now it is time for us to execute it. What we do is we usually stay in the state of the client until we are needed elsewhere so until our next client comes through we will be stationed in Columbus Ohio. We start by evaluating his current website, backlinks, citations, Google+ Business page and his total overall internet prescence. Each member of the team (depending on what they specialize in) will then go and complete the task needed for that client. So nick needed bad backlinks removed, he needed Google reviews and he needed citations. So we have a team member who is an expert in G maps so he will take care of the citations. We have another expert in backlink removal and creating new high quality backlinks, so he will take care of the backlink portion. We have another team member who is an expert in offline marketing strategies so thats where he will come in. So we all have different talents and skills that work in unison when it comes to servicing local businesses, which is why we are so powerful.

Getting Started

When we get a new client, we waste absolutely no time. We get down n’ dirty with our marketing. That does not mean we use blackhat methods hahaha. that just means that we work really hard from the beginning. So the first thing our team is doing is getting all of his keywords together and is going to start trying to rank him for some keywords related to his niche and area he lives in. Example keywords would be: Moving Company Columbus, OH¬†or storage in Columbus, Ohio.

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